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A 3:1 Ratio for Nectar Soulution Explained

The sugar content of most flowers which are commonly known to attract hummingbirds is approximately 25%. If you want to make your sugar solution closer to the sugar content found in most flowers, then use 3 parts water to one part sugar. This sugar concentration, approximately 23% by weight, is closer to the nectar content of most hummingbird flowers. This mixture will also freeze more slowly in the winter.

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2:1 = 28.8% by weight (water to sugar)
3:1 = 21.3%
4:1 = 16.8%
5:1 = 13.9%

The nectar of most hummingbird type flowers in our Chickasha yard, such as Salvia greggii, Trumpet Honeysuckle & Trumpet Creeper, will measure (refractometer) more in the 30 to 35% range. Some Monarda flowers will measure over 50%. Turk’s cap measures the least with 24% being the usual reading.

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