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Your Vacation Won’t Starve the Hummingbirds

I recently asked a good friend why she hadn’t yet put up her hummingbird this season.  You see, she is an avid hummingbird enthusiast and normally does so faithfully.  Her response surprised me.  She said she couldn’t do so because she was going to be leaving on vacation soon and that because she wouldn’t be here to refill the feeder the hummingbirds would starve to death.  This simply is not true!  Let me explain.

Think of the nectar solution in your hummingbird feeders as an energy drink for the hummingbirds.  It will give the birds a quick boost of energy whenever it is needed, but nectar is not how hummingbirds get the majority of there nutritional needs met.

The hummingbird gets a great deal of their nutritional needs met by eating things such as aphids, mosquitoes, fruit flies and gnats.  These things are all vital sources of protein to the hummingbird’s diet and the hummingbird must have this to ensure their survival.

Lastly, plants, flowers and bushes are excellent sources of nectar for hummingbirds.  Even if your feeder should become empty while you are on vacation, the hummingbirds will have plenty of natural sources of nectar on which to feed while you are gone. 

Hummingbirds are very resourceful and therefore will not stave just because you have gone on vacation for a brief period of time.  Don’t let your upcoming vaction stop you from hanging your hummingbird feeders!  Hang it now and enjoy it before you leave and then also upon your return from vacation.

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