Hummingbird Feeders

What Size Hummingbird Feeder?

The use of a hummingbird feeder is a simple and easy simple way to try and attract this amazing creatures to your yard.  The task of purchasing one can seem quite overwhelming.  What style, size or even color should you select?  There is no perfect answer for this dilemma, but here is my advice regarding choosing the "right" size feeder.  When you are considering your choice, you will want to try and select a feeder that matches your areas hummingbird population.  The more birds in the area the larger you will want the capacity of the feeder to be.  You may also not want to fill the feeder up to capacity if all the nectar isn’t being used.  If you begin to see that your yard has be come a hummingbird haven, you may want to hang multiple feeders, because this can help solve the problem of overly aggressive and territorial birds.

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