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The Pesky Problem of Ants

Every hummingbird season people have trouble with ants getting into their feeders. This issue can be quite frustrating and may even discourage you from using feeders in your yard. This post will offer some possible solutions to this bothersome dilemma.

The best thing to do to prevent the problem of ants is to block their passage to the feeder. This can be done through the use of a device known as an “ant moat.” It is a plastic cup like device that fits tightly around the hanging wire of the feeder which is then filled with water which will then block the path of the ants to the feeder. There are some hummingbird feeders on the market today that come with “ant moats” but with other feeders you will have to purchase the “ant moat” separately.

Another way to try and keep ants out of the feeder is to use a drip less feeder. Saucer type feeders are designed in such a way that makes them far less likely to drip. After all, you know it is the sugary substance that attracts the ants, so if the feeder is not dripping the ants will be less likely to know the nectar solution is even available.

The next suggestion I have to help try and prevent ants may sound a bit unusual, but several people I know have told me that it works quite well. All you do is to sprinkle some ginger around your feeder pole and then the ants will not go near the area. Why not give this unusual suggestion a try? After all, what have you got to loose by doing so?

You can also prevent ants and other insects from drinking all the nectar in your hummingbird feeder by hanging your feeder using a piece of clear nylon sewing thread. The tread is very fine and slippery, thus preventing the ants or other insects from climbing it and reaching the nectar.

It is my sincere hope that these suggestions will successfully help you solve the problem of ants in your hummingbird feeder. If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Any comments, advice or questions are always welcome.

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