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Put Only Cool Nectar Solution In Feeder

Never put hot homemade nectar solution in a hummingbird feeder!  That is a common sense statement, right?  Well, apparently not everyone knows this, because I myself have been asked about this numerous times.  The nectar solution must be cooled before placing it in the hummingbird feeder.  Here’s why.

If the nectar solution is too hot when you attempt to fill the hummingbird feeder, there is a good chance that this will cause the tank of the hummingbird feeder to break and this could cause serious injury to the person who is attempting to fill the feeder.  They may either be cut as a result of the broken glass or they may be burned as a result of the hot liquid getting on them. 

An unsuspecting hummingbird could burn its tongue on the hot liquid.  This would cause harm to the hummingbird and probably cause the birds to no longer trust your feeders as a reliable and safe food source. 

Making homemade nectar solution is a simple and easy way to attract hummingbirds, but I hope you now understand why it is vitally important to let the nectar solution cool completely before filling your feeders.


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