Hummingbird Feeders

Explaining the Types of Hummingbird Feeders

There are two main types of hummingbird feeders the bottle or tube feeder and the saucer style hummingbird feeder. This post will discuss each of them. If you haven’t already purchased one or more hummingbird feeders for your yard, it is my hope that that this information will help you make a more informed purchase.
The bottle or tube type of hummingbird feeder is usually made of glass or plastic.  This type of feeder  often contains red plastic flowers and bee-guards which are little plastic screens that keep insects away from the sugar solution on the feeding ports. These types of feeders are very popular with hummingbirds because they simulate the tube shape of many nectar-bearing flowers. The main draw back to this type of feeder is that they tend to leak, because of the sun—the air that is trapped in the top of the bottle expands as it warms and pushes the nectar out.
It is important to note, there absolutely nothing wrong with this type of hummingbird feeder. I just want to point out that this type of feeder is more likely to leak, but that problem can be addressed. My goal is to try and provide you with as much accurate information as possible so you can make the most informed purchase possible.
Saucer-shaped hummingbird feeders are usually made of plastic. This type of hummingbird feeder has feeding ports in the top, making them bee-and wasp-proof.  Saucer feeders are better than bottle feeders in direct sunlight, because it won’t leak.
If you enjoy watching hummingbirds, one of the easiest things that you can do to attract them to your yard is to use a hummingbird feeder. Don’t let all the various varieties of feeders that are available on the market today overwhelm you. Please use the information contained here to help you make a more educated and informed purchase. Then hang out your feeder and wait for the birds to come…you will be glad you did and so will the birds.
If you are interested in looking at some hummingbird feeders, there are a few hummingbird feeders on the blog. If you should need to know the exact address of the blog it is as follows: You can click on any of the feeders shown there and get more information on the specific one which is of interest to you. You can also find many more hummingbird feeders at: the following address: There is a link on the home page entitled hummingbird feeders and if you click it you can see the various feeders available there. When you find a feeder that you are interested in, just click on it and you will be taken to where you can obtain additional information about it or even purchase it if you should wish to do so.

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