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Why is Red Attractive to Hummingbirds?

If you have ever watched a hummingbird before for any length of time, you are probably aware that red is a color known to attract hummingbirds.  While red is far from the only color which will attact the hummingbirds, there seems to be something that draws these birds to red quite  strongly.  Have you ever wondered just why this seems to occur.  Well, if you are like my mom and so many others, I am sure you have wondered about this but did not have any explainations for this occurance.  Well, the wait is now over, because this post will offer some possible explainations as to why hummingbirds are so drawn to the color red.

The Hummingbird Society offers the following as possible reasons why hummingbirds seem to find the color red so very attractive.  One possible explaination is that, during migration, red blooms are far more easily seen against all the other green of the environment then flowers of other colors. Another possible explaination may be due to the fact that insects also have the ability to see nectar, thus making them a competator with the hummingbird for the food source.  Most insects do not have the ability to see well at the red end of the color spectrum, so this gives the hummingbird the advantage of not having to compete for this food source with the insects.  Also, a red bloom may appear nearly black and therefore unattractive to some insects, so it is far less likely that the insect has taken nectar from a red flower.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of what makes the color red so very attractive to hummingbirds. 

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