Dear Mom

What is the Gizzard of the Hummingbird?

This post makes me think of my mom who loved discovering fascinating facts or information on a wide variety of subjects, but particularly nature and wildlife.  Thus, I am certain that she would have loved discovering the information found in today’s post and I hope that you will as well.

Did you know that a hummingbird has a part of its anatomy known as the gizzard?  If so, do you know what particular part of the hummingbird’s anatomy is known as the gizzard?  If not, you will have discovered the answer through reading this post.

The gizzard is the term for the hummingbird’s stomach.  As you might have figured out by now, this is where the food is digested.  A hummingbird is able to digest nectar quite quickly and effeciently, with nectar being able to pass entirely through a hummingbird’s entire digestive system in less then 20 minutes.  That’s right, I said in less then 20 minutes!  Don’t you wish that the digestive process occured that rapidly whith in us humans?

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