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What are Flight Feathers?

Hummingbird flight is an amazing thing to watch.  These tiny little dynamos of flight can put on quite the aerial display.  Did you ever consider the act of fight would not be possible without what is known as flight feathers.  This post explains what is meant by the term flight feathers and some other facts about hummingbird feathers.  

The flight the flight feathers of the hummingbird are made up of the broad, stiff feathers of the hummingbird’s wings that make the act of flight actually possible.  The feathers are divided into two categories:  the primaries or what is known as the outer feathers and the secondaries or the inner feathers.

A hummingbird of average size will have about 940 feathers.  Does that seem like a lot to you?  It does to me only because these birds are so extremely tiny.  It may also fascinate you to discover that hummingbirds have the greatest number of feathers per square inch on their body then any other type of bird in the animal kingdom.

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