Dear Mom

Understanding Hummingbird Mirgration

Mom, I know you were aware that hummingbirds migrate, but  did you ever wonder what became of them after they left our area?  If so, I now have the answer.  Since I am not able to share the information with you personally, I will share it with those of you out there who read this blog and may not have much knowledge about hummingbird migration.
Hummingbirds migrate twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Prior to making this journey, it is necessary for the hummingbird to gain between 25-40 percent of its body weight. The various hummingbird species will take a different migration path. Hummingbirds will make this journey alone rather then in groups and these birds will follow the exact same route year after year. 
Calliope hummingbirds bare the distinction of being the smallest bird that is known to breed in North America. It will spend the summer in the western mountains as far north as British Columbia. They will begin their journey north starting in March from northern and central Mexico, where they keep their winter homes. They start to migrate back during August.
One very interesting fact about the Female broad-tailed hummingbird: it may actually return to the same tree or bush every year to nest. Most of these birds spend the winter in the Mexican mountains. Broad tailed hummingbirds migrate as far north as British Columbia for the summer months, with some stopping in Texas, New Mexico, California and Wyoming along the way.

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