Dear Mom

Shoulder Surgery Today

Hi, Hummingbird here. Today’s post isn’t about hummingbirds.  I must explain my need to undergo shoulder surgery.  By the time you read this, I will have already undergone shoulder surgery earlier today.  The need for the shoulder surgery is a direct result of a fall I took while in the shower back in early January of this year.  In May of this year, I was finally diagnosed as having a completely torn right rotator cuff, thus the need for surgery. 

The surgery was originally scheduled to take place in May of this year, but I chose to postpone it due to my fear that the area where I live would experience another hurricane this year and that it would then require that we evacuate the area for an unknown length of time.  You may be wondering why this scenario would have effected  my ability to have had the surgery.   Let me explain.

I am in a wheelchair and do not have the ability to walk.  Therefore, I use my arms to help me do everything from standing, transferring and almost anything else you can imagine.  Think of it this way, I use my arms like most people would use their legs, so I did not want to have the surgery previously in the event it became necessary to leave the area.

My surgery has been rescheduled and will take place today before you ever read this post.  I am expected to remain in a local hospital only overnight, but then after that I will require an extended stay in a local nursing home for between 2-3 months, due to not being able to put any real amount of weight on the arm until then.  That’s right, I did say 2-3 months.  The exact length of my stay there will depend on the speed at which I am able to heal and my overall progress following surgery. 

I am telling you this, so that you will understand why the new post will eventually stop for quite some time following the surgery.  This will not happen immediately following today’s post because I am trying to write as many as post in advance of going into the hospital and having them automatically post on a specified date.

Thanks, in advance, for your understanding in this matter.  I will be back as quickly as my health will allow me to do so and I look forward to continuing to share with you all kinds of information about hummingbirds. 


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