Dear Mom

Myan Ledgens of Hummingbirds

I recently discovered something about hummingbirds that I never knew before.  Do you mom or anyone else have any idea what that discovery might have been?  I would be astounded if you or anyone else had any idea whatsoever about what I recently discovered, so I will just have to share it with you and anyone else who will read this particular post.  What I discovered is that  Native American mythology is full of of stories about hummingbirds, but the same cannot be said of European and African American myths, fairy tales and legends.  Why is this?  It is said to be because hummingbirds are only found in the Americas.   

According to one Mayan legend, the sun is a hummingbird in disguise and that the moon is a beautiful women that the sun is trying to court. 

Another Mayan legend is about a hummingbird piercing the tongue of the ancient kings.  The Mayans believed that  by pouring blood on their sacred scrolls and then burning them that their devine ancestors would appear in the smoke. 

Many Native American cultures have had their own myths, legends and stories about hummingbirds.  My mom always loved discovering new or unusual bits of information, so I am sure that this post would have fascinated her and I hope that you too will find it interesting.  This post focused on a few of of the Myan legends about hummingbirds, but there are so many other Native American culture’s with their own myths, ledgens and stories about hummingbirds.  Maybe that might be the subject of a future post.  

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