Dear Mom

Mom and Hummingbirds

Today I am thinking of my mom on what would have been would have been her 76th birthday. Mom passed away at the age of 72. Even after this long, I still miss her so very much. Spring time and hummingbirds also always remind me of mom because we so enjoyed watching the hummingbirds together in our backyard.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the most common hummingbird found in southeast Texas. I myself have yet to personally see one yet this season, but several friends have told me that they have seen the birds where they live which is not but a few miles away from where I live. Maybe I will be lucky enough to see a hummingbird for myself soon…how I hope so!

Rest assured mom, that anytime I see a hummingbird or discover some piece of fascinating information about the hummingbird, my thoughts will turn to you and wishing you were here for me to share it with. Even though this blog was created after your passing, I believe that you would be proud of all that I have come to know about hummingbirds and that I am sharing this knowledge with other hummingbird enthusiast everywhere.

You may not be here with us physically with us any longer, but you will forever live within my heart. Maybe I will get lucky today and see my first hummingbird of the season. It would seem only fitting for it to occur on what would have been your birthday, as I would see it as a symbolic reminder of you and that my memories of you will forever live within my heart.

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The blog was set up for me by someone else on my behalf. As a result, I do not know if they did it by hand or used a program to do so. It is my blog and I am responsible for the content, but I have help with the technical aspects of it whenever necessary.

I am glad that you enjoyed the post. It comes from my heart. Thoughts of hummingbirds and my mom will forever be linked together because of our shared love of these amazing birds.

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