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Long Absence Number 2 Explained

This is Hummingbird here.I am sorry that there has not been any new post in quite sometime, but the reason for it was quite unexpected and could not be avoided; I was once again recently hospitalized without warning.Once again, my right leg was extremely swollen, reddish, bruised and hot to the touch so I was readmitted to the hospital.

It was determined that I still had a condition known as Cellulitis, an infection that gets into the body often as the result of a cut, scratch or bug bite. The doctors still are uncertain as to why I developed the condition in the first place. As a result, I was then admitted to the hospital once again and given massive doses of IV antibiotics for the next several days. This time a variety of test were also run but unfortunately there is no definitive answers on how to teat and prevent the condition.

I am not yet back to feeling full strength yet. I am still weak and tire quite easily and even still have some discomfort in my leg and foot. At the moment, the doctors and I are left trying to find the necessary answers. Please pray that the necessary answers will soon be found, because this condition is extremely painful and difficult to continually endure.

Please forgive that there have not been any new post for so long, but my absence could not be avoided or predicted.

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This post does not require me to do more research for it, as I was only explaining to my readers why I had been hospitalized and not trying to be an expert on the condition from which I suffered at the time.

I have to state, you chose your words well. The ideas you wrote on your encounters are well placed. This is an incredible blog!

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