Dear Mom

It Snowed!

Late last night and into the early morning hours, it snowed in Southeast Texas. This is totally amazing because this is such a rare occurrence here. Just how rare? The last time it occurred here was back in 1988! The area received between 3-4 inches. For those of you who live where it regularly snows a great deal, I am sure that amount is almost laughable, but here people are not used to it and do not know how to function in it.
I grow up in Virginia, among other places, so I have experienced snow before. While I do think snow is pretty, I do not particularly care for it otherwise. I hate too be cold whatsoever and wheelchairs do not function well in the snow, because the snow builds up on the tires and the tires no longer get traction.
My Boyfriend, Donald, on the other hand loves cold weather and snow. He always says that he likes it to be colder and colder. He loves the weather whenever there are changes occurring with it and he wants the various seasons to feel as each one should. So, needless to say, Donald was overjoyed about the snow the area received. In fact, he was outside playing in it until around 5:00 a.m. this morning. He was such a kid at heart and I was overjoyed to witness his sense of pure joy and amazement!
As I expressed earlier, snow is not my favorite thing to experience. Nevertheless, I did stay awake until the early morning hours and did share the experience with Donald. I spent a few minutes out in it with him and even took some photos of the event.  You see, I just love photos and I refer to my camera as my “memory maker,”, so I just had to capture the event for all time. As soon as possible, I will try to post a few photos for you to see.
Snow even reminds me of my mom. When we lived in Virginia, on one occasion, near Thanksgiving Day, my mom was outside in the snow Bar-B-Queue smoking a turkey. Mom did so because my dad really wanted the turkey to have that smoky flavor. Now, that’s going above and beyond for those you love! I will carry that memory of my mom with me forever!
Donald, my love, I hope you truly enjoyed your chance to experience snow in southeast Texas. There is no telling when or if this will occur once again. Wow…snow in southeast Texas! I would have told you that it would never happen here if I hadn’t seen and experienced it for myself.

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