Dear Mom

Injured Left Sholder

I have been  having pain in my left sholder for sometime now, so yesterday I went the doctor for a shot to help releave the pain.  Well, that was a big mistake!  Yes, I had the same shot before with great results, but this was a differnt doctor administering the shot.  The sholder hurts wose then ever before and I can’t use that arm.  I’m not sure if the shot hit a muscle or a nerve.  That is a very bad thing for someone who is in a wheelchair and depends on their arms like most people depend on their legs.  The pain was so bad yesteday that couldn’t even attempt to write a post.  In fact, I’m having to type this post with one hand.

I hope that this finds all of you doing well.  I just wanted to explain why their was no post yesterday.  I don’t know what the doctor’s office will say until  I am able to reach them about the matter.


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