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Hurricane Ike

Hurricane season 2008 has been extremely active. I am writing this post in advance, just in case we are forced to evacuate the area. Today is Tuesday and as of current predictions, Hurricane Ike is predicted to make landfall somewhere between Corpus Christi and Brownsville, Texas sometime later this week. As everyone probably knows, the projected path of the storm could change very rapidly and this makes it extremely hard to predict where the hurricane will make landfall.
If you are reading this post, then it means that I have had to evacuate the area and there is no way for me to know how long I must remain out of the area. That is why this may be the final post for several days. I didn’t want anyone reading this blog not to understand why there may not be new post for some time. Rest assured, I will return home just as quickly as possible and once again begin posting.
If it should become necessary, my boyfriend and I will be evacuating with my father. At this time, I have no idea where we will end up going to or how long we will need to remain there. Evacuating is not something anyone in my family wishes to do but we are making the necessary precautions just in case they should become necessary. This evacuation would be the second time in about a week that we have had to endure this stress and inconvenience, but because of the extremely unpredictable nature of these storms one can never be too cautious or careful. After all, no one wants a repeat of our Hurricane Rita experience, which caused massive devastation and destruction to this region of the country.
I wish that Hurricane Ike would just dissipate and spare any area of the country damage, but that seems highly unlikely to happen. Only time will tell how bad things are for anyone as a result of this hurricane. Just keep everyone who could be affected by this hurricane in your thoughts and prayers. I will be back and posting on the blog just as quickly as possible. 

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