Dear Mom

Hummingbirds on the Nest

Hummingbirds lay the smallest eggs of any species of bird. Normally, the female will lay two extremely tiny eggs. To try and give you some idea just how tiny the eggs are consider this: each egg is less than half an inch long; this is half the size of a jellybean! It may surprise you to learn that it only takes between 13 – 22 days, depending on the species, for hummingbird eggs to hatch. The young birds will leave the nest in somewhere between 19-29 days depending on the species. 
This is the type of interesting information that my mom would have enjoyed discovering. I wish she was still living for me to share it with her, but since she isn’t I thought that I would share it with all of you instead. Hope you enjoy it!
On a personal note, today is my oldest brother, Kevin’s, 52nd birthday. Have a great day. Know that you are in my thoughts. I’m going to miss you very much when you move away in a few weeks. Please, promise me that you will keep in touch with the family. After all, you have no excuse not to do so because email makes doing so far too easy and quick.

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