Dear Mom

How Tiny is a Hummingbird?

As you probably already know, hummingbirds are very small, but just what does that mean?  This is something that many people have often wondered but probably never bothered to discover on their own.  I know that this is something my mom always wanted to know herself, but I do not think she ever really tried to find the answer for herself.  Well, if you are like her, then this post will provide you with the answer to this question.

Any species of hummingbird measures between 2.5-8 inches or between 6-20 cm in length.  Thus aptly earning the hummingbird the title as the smallest of all the birds. 

In terms of its weight, the hummingbird weighs about as much as a United States penny, which weighs approximately .1 ounce.

As these few facts would indicate, the hummingbird is an extremely tiny little bird.  In fact, it may be even smaller then you yourself could even have imagined.  I wish my mom was still alive today for me to be able to ask her if this information would come as a surprise to her or not.  I would imagine that she would have said she was astonished to discover just how tiny the hummingbird actually is in reality.

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