Dear Mom

How Much Do Hummingbirds Fly?

A hummingbird actually spends very little time in flight.  Just how much time this bird spends in flight may surprise you.  The hummingbird only spends 20 percent of its time in flight!  That’s correct, I said 20 percent of the hummingbirds time is spent in flight and the other 80 percent is spent perching.  That would certainly seem to dispel the common belief that these birds are always in motion.  Even knowing this fact does little to help us catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds or to help us capture a photo of one either.  Oh well, all any of us can do is keep trying until we finally accomplish it!

This post makes me think of my mom, because she was always interested in making new discoveries about hummingbirds.  I truly believe that the small amount of time which hummingbirds spend in fight would have come as a shock to her.  I hope you too have enjoyed making this discovery about hummingbirds.

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