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How Do Hummingbirds Hover?

If you are like most people, one of the many things you admire most about the hummingbird is its amazing ability to hover.  These tiny birds never cease to amaze us with their ability to do so for such long periods of time.  As a result, I know that my mom would have been interested in this post and I hope you will be also.

Hummingbirds have the ability to hover better than any other species of bird due to the unusual structure of their wings.  They have the ability to do so because their wings are permmanently fixed and rigid, except at the shoulder joint, which allows the wing to move freely in all directions.

When hovering, a hummingbird’s wing moves forward, and then the leading edge rotates nearly 180 degrees and moves back again.  This wing movement causes the tips of the wings to trace a horzontal figure eight in the air.

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