Dear Mom

Home at Long Last

Hello Mom and Everyone Else!  I have finally returned to the "nest" or home once again at long last.  I am now  home from the rehab facility after more then three months of recovery following my right shoulder surgery in late October of 2009.  The satement "The is know place like home" certainly has more meaning to me now.  I missed the simple pleasures of life such as being able to sleep in my own bed, being allowed to come and go as I wished, or even eat home cooked food on a regular basis.  The food at the facilty definately left a lot to be desired!

On a positive note though, the staff there were excellant and so was the quality of the physical therapy that I received during my stay there.  They have helped get me to the point that I am now able to function at home with some assistance.  That isn’t to say that I can yet do all thaat I did prior to the surgery on my own, but that should come in time and with continued in home physical therapy.

My doctor has told me that the full recovery from this type of surgery normally takes between nine months to a year.  I have to keep reminding myself, I am only just over three months along in the process so I am actually doing well at this point working towards a complete recovery.  There is also the possibility that my complete recovery process may even take loneger then most individuals because my arms must bare more weight then most other individuals due to my physical disability. 

Only time will tell what will happen along my journey to complete recovery…  All, I know is that I am so very glad to once again be home and I look forward to sharing many interesting  and exciting discoveries with you about hummingbirds.  

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