Dear Mom

Happy Independence Day

July 4th marks the anniversary of American independence.  It is also the day that would have marked my grandmother’s (my dad’s mom) 100th birthday, but she passed way in 2000.   Whenever I think of my grandmother I can’t help but remember her love of watermelon, tomatoes, and fried chicken.  Also, I remember her telling me the story of how as a young girl she thought the fireworks were in honor of her birthday.  I don’t know at what age see realized this wasn’t true, but she always said that realizing this made her feel a bit sad.  Today is also a day that all Americans should remember the freedoms that we enjoy and thank those who help us enjoy them (regardless of whether they served in the military in the past or are currently doing so).

However and wherever you, your friends and family choose to mark the occasion, I hope you have an enjoyable and blessed July 4th.  It is a great day to have a backyard cookout, go to the beach, watch a fireworks show, or just spend some quality time with those that you love.  I myself am enjoying a nice relaxing day at home watching movies and spending some quality time with my boyfriend, Donald.  So, you could say I’m enjoying my own little slice of heaven on Earth.

I wish all of you who visit this site a very happy and blessed Independence Day on this July 4th, 2009.  I am thankful to each of you who take the time to regularly visit this site.  Take the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and all the beauty that nature has to offer today.  I am also thankful to live in America and enjoy all of life’s freedoms and blessings that are the result of doing so.   

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