Dear Mom

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Father’s Day is here mom.  I wish more then anything you were still with us to share it with dad.  Having you here with us healthy and well would be the best gift any of us could ever give dad, but since that can’t be I’m writing you this letter to tell him how much I love him and to let you know just how much he still loves and misses you.  You may be gone physically but you will never ever be forgotten. 

If your dad is like mine, it can be extremely difficult to know what gift to buy them for any special occasion. In my opinion, most men are much harder to buy a gift for. My dad has reached the stage in life that if there is anything he really wants then he can and will go buy it for himself. That is a good place in your life to be, but it does make it much harder for those who love you to buy you that special gift. Yes, I realize that the point of Father’s Day is not the material gift one can give but to show them how much we love them, but still I wish finding a gift for dad were easier.

 The most important thing is that you let your father know just how very much you love and appreciate them. Take the time this Father’s Day to call or visit your father. The gift of your love and time is the most important gift you could ever give your father.
I, along with many of my siblings, will be spending Father’s Day with are dad. One of my sisters, Karie, and her husband, Paul, live in Florida, so they won’t be able to be there with us in person. One of my brothers, Kolin, his wife, Marci, and daughter, Olivia, can’t be there as well. They will all be off on a cruise with Olivia’s high school senior class. I know without a doubt the best gift any of us can give dad is to spend time with him. If I could give my father the perfect Father’s Day gift, one that he could hold and treasure forever, the one gift I would give him would be to have my mom alive, healthy and well and here to share in our lives once again. Of course, this is impossible, because mom past away almost 20 months ago. 
While each of us misses our mom, I know that our own sense of loss can in no way ever begin to compare to my father’s. My parents’, Bob and June Hinds, were married for 52 years, two months and nine days at the time of mom’s death. My dad has always, and still does, refer to my mom as “his bride.” My parents raised six kids together, had six grandchildren and some great grandchildren. My parents’ shared a whole lifetime together and made more memories than you can ever imagine, so there is an extremely deep void in my father’s life and heart that I’m certain no one other could ever fill. That is why I wish I could bring mom back to be with dad and all of us again.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I’m sorry that isn’t possible for me to give you the one gift you would probably want this Father’s Day—mom, but know that I would if it were within my power to do so. Thanks for being such a wonderful father and for all the unconditional love and support you have given each of us throughout our lives. 

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