Dear Mom

Happy Birthday, Sis!

I am from a very close knit family.  In our family birthdays are to be celebrated.  Just so you know, I have three sisters and two brothers, all of whom are older than me. Today marks my oldest sister, Katia’s 53rd birthday. Can you believe it mom; your oldest child is 53 years old? I don’t know about you but I find it impossible to believe, but then again the reason for my great disbelief could also be due to the fact that this milestone forces me to admit that I myself am already 43 years old. It simply doesn’t seem possible that any of us have reached these ages already. Where did all the years go?
I’m not sure how Katia will be spending her special day. The last time I spoke with her, a few days ago, she had not made any special plans. That may be because her job requires her to fly quite a bit and therefore often be gone for several days at a time. I’m not certain if she is at home today or away on a business trip. Regardless, I hope your special day is everything you want and much more. After all, everyone deserves a birthday to remember. 
Katia really likes to celebrate her birthday. She has a tradition of celebrating her “birthday week” because she says one day is not long enough for all the celebrating that needs to take place. Well, enjoy all the celebrations and make lots of memories for yourself. 
Just know that I am thinking of you to day. I’m very blessed and proud to be your sister. Know that I love you very much and truly do appreciate all that you do for me.   I’m sure that all of the family is thinking of you as well, and I know that mom would wish you a happy birthday if she were here with us today. After all, mom always said that we were all still her “babies,” no matter how old any of us became.

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