Dear Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom

Dear Mom:

Today is a bittersweet day for me; it would have been your 75Th birthday.  Unfortunately, you passed away at the age of 72 and are therefore no longer with us.  I am sad that you aren’t here with us to celebrate this milestone. The occasion makes me happy because it gives me the opportunity to remember and honor the women who gave birth to me.

You were a great mom!  You always had a way of making all of us feel loved and special.  On each of our birthdays, you would always make each of us a favorite meal and/or desert.  It is impossible for me to select one favorite meal, because I loved so many of your meals!  My favorite desert was always your homemade chocolate cream pie.  No ones ever taste quite as good as yours did!  I can’t help but wonder what favorite meal and desert you would have chosen for your 75Th birthday.  After all, it  would have been a great occasion which needed to be celebrated.  Since you are no longer with us, I’ll have to find my own unique way to mark the occassion in your honor. 

I can’t see a hummingbird that it doesn’t make me think of you and your enjoyment of these amazing birds.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see any this spring season.  This has me quite concerned because  they should have begun to appear by now, but their have been far fewer around in recent years.  This makes me quite sad, but there is no one explanation which would explain the decrease in the hummingbird population in southeast Texas.

Just know mom, you are forever in my heart.  I am extremely proud to have been your daughter.  Even now, I still miss you every day.  I couldn’t let the occassion of your birthday go by without remembering it.


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