Dear Mom

Gone but Never Forgotten

Today marks the second anniversary of your death mom.  In many ways it seems as if your death occurred just the other day and in other ways it seems as if it happend a lifetime ago.  Either way, I still miss you each and every single day.  I just wanted to let you know that you are still loved and will forever live on in my heart and my memories.  You should know that I am and will forever be proud to be your daughter.  I was truly blessed to have had you for my mom.  

As I said mom, I miss you each and every single day, but I know that you are still with me in spirit and that gives me a great deal of comfort.  It comforts me to know that you are now in Heaven and that you are looking down on me, and I only hope mom that you like what you see and that you are proud of the women I have become and the life I am living.  

Thanks mom for all the love, encouragement, self-confidence and determination you helped to enstill in me in my life.  It has helped to shape and mold me into the strong, determined women I am today.  I know I am very blessed to have been your child.  That will always be true and you will never be forgotten! 


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