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Facts on the Range of Hummingbirds

Have you ever wondered what country has the most species of hummingbirds?  Or wanted to know how many different species breed in Mexico or Canada?  Do you know how many species breed in the United States?  If you have ever wondered the answers to any of these questions, then after reading this post you will have discovered the answers to the questions you may have wondered about but didn’t know the answer. 

This is the type of information that my mom would have enjoyed discovering, so each time I share something like this with you I can’t help but think of her.  Mom always loved watching nature shows on TV and learning information from them.  There were many occasion on which I would not have watched a show with her and later she would tell me something that she discovered while watching the show.

Here are some facts on the range of the hummingbird that I hope you will enjoy.  Do any of them surprise you?

  • The largest variety of hummingbirds is found in South America.  The country of Ecuador, which is located in Northwestern South America, has the greatest amount of species, an amazing 163 of them.
  • There are sixteen different species of hummingbirds which are known to breed in the United States.  This only 5 percent of the world’s total hummingbird population.
  • There are fifty species which regularly breed in Mexico.
  • There are only four species of hummingbirds which breed in Canada.  They are the Anna’s, Black-chinned, Calliope, and Rufous.

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