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Computer Troubles

Technology is a wonderful thing when it is working properly, but very frustrating whenever it isn’t. That is my situation. My computer has been giving me all kinds of problems recently, it will freeze up in the middle of use, it takes several attempts to reboot successfully and the CD ROM drive won’t read a disk. Each time I use the computer lately I must pray that I will successfully complete the task at hand without encountering another problem. The whole situation makes me want to pull my hair out! You see, I love the computer as long as mine is working properly otherwise I hate it. Can anyone tell that I’m stressed about the whole situation and very frustrated?
As a result, my computer is going to be put into the shop later today. My friend’s grandson has agreed to come get it and work on it. Yea! I have absolutely no idea how long it will take it to get fixed or how long I will be without it as a result, but I know that it must finally be placed in the shop and repaired. Whatever the actual diagnosis, I’m sure my computer will finally be much better off after its visit to the “computer doctor.” My computer will be in the very capable hands of my friend’s grandson because this is what he does for a living. Nevertheless I’m still going to feel very lost without it because I use it so much.
I am sorry that the problems have occurred and must be fixed. The time has come to finally have the problems addressed and fixed. That is why there will not be any further post for the next several days, as I will have no computer access whatsoever. If I had had more notice as to when the “computer doctor” was going to come and get the computer, I would have done several days worth of post in advance but that just wasn’t possible this time. Sorry about that everyone! I will be back posting again as soon as possible.  This is Hummingbird signing off until next time.

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I wish to thank Gregory Morris for fixing my computer. Yea! Gregory returned the computer to me earlier this evening. Thanks for all your work on my computer. It is appreciated more than words can express.

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