Dear Mom

About An Untrue Hummingbird Myth

Have you ever before heard the myth that hummingbirds migrate on the backs of geese?  This myth is absolutely not true!  Nevertheless, this untrue myth seems to have of taken on a life all its own.  Have you ever wondered how this myth might have come to be.  I have often wondered this and now I can offer you one possible explanation concerning the origin of this myth.

It seems that it may have been John J. Audubon, founder of the Audubon Society, who may have started or at least strengthened this untrue myth.  As the story goes, he once shot a goose and then when he went to retrieve the goose a out flew a hummingbird.

There is absolutely no validity to this myth whatsoever, but maybe the information found above will explain the possible origin of this  myth.  This just goes to show how any story can take on a life all its own.  This is the kind of information my mom would have enjoyed discovering and I hope you did also.

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