Dear Mom

A Day to Remember

Today is August 7, 2008 and it is a very significant date in my family history. It is the date on which my mom and dad would have celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. It is now a day to be remembered but not truly celebrated because mom passed way on October 16th 2006. Even though my mom is no longer living and can’t be here to celebrate the occasion with my dad, I want my mom to know that she may be gone but she will never be forgotten and she will always be loved by all of us.  
I don’t know how dad will be spending the day. I’m sure it is a difficult time for him. I know that he remembers the importance of this day and will surely mark the occasion in his own unique way. I can’t even begin to imagine just how much dad still loves you and how hard this day will be for him, but I hope it will offer him a small amount of comfort to know that the family also remembers the significance and importance of this day as well.
Thanks mom and dad for teaching us what it was like for a couple to truly love one another. Your marriage was a wonderful example of living out the words within the marriage vows. I feel truly blessed to have had parents that were married to each other and loved one another for over 52 years. In this day and time, that is a truly amazing accomplishment!
So, on this date, I want you to celebrate and honor the love and longevity of the life the two of you shared together. It will always be a date to remember and honor. I love you both very much, mom and dad!

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