Dear Mom

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,

Although you are in heaven now, I want you to know you are still alive in my heart and in my memories.

Mother’s day is harder to get through without you physically here with us but on this very special day I still wish to honor your memory. That is why I am so thrilled that Lori and Jeff have suggested I start this blog called Hummingbirds For Mom.

It will allow me to share my love of hummingbirds with others while also honoring you and your love of these birds. It will almost seem as if I get to have a conversation with you on the subject of hummingbirds. This is something I know you would truly have loved.

This blog will also serve to inform, enlighten, educate and entertain others on the subject of hummingbirds. Through this blog I will get to share with you and others all the exciting and wonderful discoveries about hummingbirds that I make along this journey.

So Mom, just know that your love of hummingbirds has been passed down to me and that it will continue to grow and flourish as time goes by. To all of you who share my love of hummingbirds, I hope that you will also like what you read here. In the future I look forward to sharing with you all the interesting and exciting discoveries about hummingbirds that I make along the way.