Hummingbird Feeders

Should Different Types of Bird Feeders Be Hung Together?

While searching the Internet for information and ideas for possible future post, I came across a question by someone wanting to know if you can hang a hummingbird feeder right next to other types of bird feeders. Today’s post was inspired by that person’s question.

First off, I would like to state that the opinion expressed here is my own and there is not truly a definitive answer to this question. I have seen different types of feeders hung together before but I do not know how effectively this worked or did not work. I am just going to offer you my personal opinion on the matter based on my own knowledge of and experiences with hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are extremely territorial birds and as a result they will fiercely defend a hummingbird feeder as their own from even other hummingbirds, so I do not believe that the hummingbirds would like other types of birds in the area feeding close by while the hummingbirds are feeding. My suggestion would be to place the different types of bird feeders that you may have in separate and “designated” areas of your yard for the various types of birds you desire to attract.

If you have plants in your yard that are known to attract hummingbirds then hang your hummingbird feeder near those plants. This will allow the hummingbird the opportunity to have multiple food sources available from which to feed.

It is also good to place the hummingbird feeder in a location which will not expose it to direct sunlight, as this will cause the nectar to spoil more rapidly. Lastly, make sure that the feeder is not placed in a windy location because this may cause the nectar solution to slosh out of the feeder and therefore be more likely to attract ants to the feeder.

Even though I only have knowledge about hummingbirds, it is my sincere hope that this post will help you understand why it is that I personally do not believe that different types of bird feeders should be hung together or near by each other. This is not to say that you yourself cannot try placing the feeders together or nearby and see what happens. If you do this, please let us know what you discover concerning this issue. Thanks.