The Hummingbird’s Beak

The beak is very important to the hummingbird, because it is what they use to probe into the flowers. On these tiny birds, the beak can seem quite unusual or out of proportion to their body size. Here are some facts about the beak of a hummingbird that you may not have known before. It is my hope that you will find them to be both interesting and informative.
  • A hummingbird’s beak is generally shaped the same as any other bird beak, but it is longer in proportion to its body.
  • The edges of the hummingbird’s top beak will overlap the edges of the hummingbird’s bottom beak.
  • The hummingbird’s bottom beak is slightly flexible.
  • Hummingbirds do not use their beaks like a straw. They lap up nectar with their tongues. The hummingbird with take up to 13 licks per second. 

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