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What is the Size of a Hummingbird’s Brain?

Most people who are hummingbird enthusiast are probably aware that hummingbirds are know to have excellent memories, but have you ever considered what the size of a hummingbird’s brain would be? Thoughts like this are always popping into by head, although I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because this is the kind of intriguing fact or piece of trivia that my mom would have wanted to know the answer for or just because hummingbirds are so incredibly small that it would seem their brains would also be quite small. Oh well, whatever the reason, I just had to find out the answer to this question. Here’s what I discovered about the size of a hummingbird’s brain.
I discovered that the hummingbird’s brain is proportionally larger in size to their body than that of any other birds. That seems to indicate that that their brain is fairly good sized for their being such tiny birds. Regardless of the exact size of the hummingbird’s brain, these birds prove repeatedly that they have excellent memories, because they will return to a dependable food source year after year. They know where they have been well feed, so if you want the hummingbirds to continue to return each season to your yard then help ensure that their food sources are safe, dependable, and plentiful.

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